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Affiliate Program
 Affiliate Program - Earn money now!!!

Handshake Are you a webmaster? Do you run a mobile phone website?

If so, why not earn money with, & Offer our great low cost products and services to your visitors and we'll pay you 8% of any qualified sales. Together with minimum payouts of only £20 you can't go wrong! Plus the link you provide will be good for another week, so if the person doesn't buy right then, if they buy anytime within seven days you will still be credited.

All you need to do is sign up as an affiliate. You can choose for a selection of banners or even if you just want to place a text link, that'll work just as well.

Please note the Affiliate Program rules:

1. 8% of qualified sales. Join Now!
2. £20 minimum payout.
3. 7-day cookie for any visitor that uses your link.
4. Website content must NOT include any illegal content, this includes:

Illegal pornographic content.
Racist material of any nature.
Any content which is defamatory.

5. Cheques are paid when your commission reaches £20. This amount can be increased at the affiliates request.
6. Strictly no other form of advertising outside of the website you name when joining. If you want to advertise elsewhere, please inform us of the details.
7. No spamming anywhere - email - newsgroups - chat rooms. Any reports of spamming will result in termination and any remaining balances shall be void.
8. We reserve the right to change the amount we pay the affiliate (you) for each sale. We will notify all affiliates 1 week before making any changes. We also reserve the right to change the minimum payout value at anytime.
9. If you are found to be abusing your position or breaking any rules, we reserve the right to terminate your account at anytime. It will be down to our sole discretion on whether or not any outstanding balances due to the affiliate will be paid.
10. Upon joining our affiliate program you understand and agree to these rules.


We could put up a whole load of terms and conditions up... But we know you wouldn't read it. If you want full Terms & Conditions, please email us and we will be happy to provide you with them.

All we ask is that you use common sense when joining. We are looking to build up good relations with our affiliates. Keep it legal, no abuse and hopefully we can build a mutually benefiting relationship.

If you have any questions over the affiliate program, please email us.

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