Last Update: October 21st, 2002  

nokia mobile nokia unlocking service. UNLOCK NOKIA MOBILE PHONES

Unlock your 7650 7210 6310 8310 3510 8910 8390 sim restriction code, restriction sim card nokia, unlocking mobile phone unlocking service.

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DCT-4 Unlocking Service
 DCT-4 Unlocking Service *REMOTE*

Unlock 7650

Would you like to unlock your phone without having to mail it anywhere?

We can unlock all DCT-4 phones remotely. All we require are the following details from you.

1. Phone Model (e.g. 8310)
2. IMEI number (The 15 digit unique serial number)
3. The network your phone is locked too. (e.g. Orange, UK... AT&T, USA)

When you place a foreign sim card in your phone it will come up saying 'Phone Restricted'. You can press undo and it will then ask you to insert the phone restriction code:

We can supply you with the code to remove that restriction so you can use your phone with any network.

3510 3510i 3590 3595 3650
5100 6100 6200 6310 6310i
6340 6510 6590 6590i 6610
6800 7210 7250 7650 8310
8390 8910 And more!

As outlined above, we require 3 specific details from you in order to generate the codes:

Orange, UK
Vodafone, UK
T-Mobile, UK
O2, UK
Rogers Wireless, Canada
Movistar, Spain

e.g. 8310, 6310i, 8390
Network* IMEI Number Phone Model
* We can unlock nearly all DCT-4 phones on any network, worldwide, not just in the UK!
In the rare event we can't unlock your phone we would simply refund you.

Once the payment has been received, we will email you back with the codes and instructions on how to enter them into your phone. This will be done within 12 hours. Typically we will have your codes back to you within 30 minutes, Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm, GMT.

Incase you wonder why we need your billing address after you submit the code order, this is purely to check against your credit card. The codes will not be posted to you, they will be emailed.

The standard price for the service costs £9.95. As usual, we can offer a discount on 3 or more phones. These don't have to be the same phone model.

We are currently having problems with the 3510i's on the Virgin network in the UK. If this is your phone, please email us for more details on how you can unlock your phone.

Get your Restriction Code!
Your email address:  
Network your phone is locked to:  
IMEI number:  
Phone model:
Please select 'First Class Royal Mail (FREE)' in the shopping cart.


Credit / Debit Card

Cheque / Money Order

** Get your AT&T / T-Mobile USA 3650 & Microcell (Fido) Restriction Code! **
Phones locked to the Canadian network, Microcell (Fido) and 3650's which are locked to AT&T Wireless and T-Mobile, USA are not as straight forward to unlock like all the other phones. If you've purchased codes from other websites for these phones you've probably received the message, 'Code Error'... Look no further:

For only £15.95, we can provide you with the code which will unlock your phone, 100% guaranteed or your money back.
Your email address:  
IMEI number:  
Phone model:
Please select 'First Class Royal Mail (FREE)' in the shopping cart.


Credit / Debit Card

Cheque / Money Order

If you have any questions, please email us:

PLEASE NOTE OUR TERMS: It is VERY important that you provide us with the details. Please double check the IMEI number before you submit it to us and make sure the network and the phone model are correct. Due to the nature of this transaction, we cannot give out additional codes due to a mistake, and under any circumstances we cannot issue a refund without physically seeing the phone is still locked.

Please do not submit details of blacklisted phones. We are referring to phones which have been blocked by a network. This could be for non payment of bills, lost or stolen phones. If your phone turns out to be barred once unlocked, we CANNOT issue a refund.

If you have 3 or more phones you want to unlock, email us for discount rates. We also offer special rates for trade enquries.

Genuine customer comments on our remote unlocking service:

Many thanks worked superbly - I work for T-Mobile.
Shame they can't do this as fast as you...ha ha. Nevermind thanks again!

I would like to thank you and say how fantastic the service is
I will certainly be recomending you to my friends.

WOW, this is great. it worked first time, thanks!

Thank you so much.. I'm very happy with the quick service, I'll be sure to tell all my friends and family.