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Dejan Flasher
 Dejan Flasher

Hardware needed: Flasher Kit

** Warning: If you are going to attempt to use the Dejan Flasher, then you need to follow the instructions down to the letter. We would hazard a guess that more people have damaged their phones through using the Dejan Flasher than anything else. Remember we are not responsible for any dead phones!! **

Dejan FlasherWhat is the Dejan Flasher, and what does it do?

The Dejan Flasher was recently developed by a guy called Dejan Kaljevic. It was originally developed to 'flash' firmware to phones. In layman's terms you can read and write data to the phone. This was useful to be able to write data to the phone that contained the lock status... 'Partial flashes' were used to unlock phones... It involved writing a small piece of data to the phone. This piece of data unlocked the phone.

With the release of Dejan's NC Calc & B-Phreaks Eeprom Tools, it has made the flasher in a way somewhat redundent for unlocking. NC Calc & Eeprom Tools are much easier to get to grips with and there is less chance of killing the phone.

Upgrading / Downgrading / Repairing / Languages

You can use the Dejan Flasher to upgrade, downgrade, change languages and repair badly flashed phones. Look at the MCU / PPM page for more information. When you have changed the MCU or PPM in a phone you will need to update the flash authority ID (FAID). You can do this with either NC Calc or Eeprom Tools.

Using the Dejan Flasher

As mentioned, to use the Dejan Flasher you will need the flasher cables. The 'flasher'
(1) plugs into your printer port on your PC. The flasher then plugs into any of 4 other leads (depending on which phone you are attempting to flash).

Dejan Flasher Cables
Good To Go!

* Flashing software will only work under Windows 98 (& ME). It will NOT work under Windows NT, 2000 or XP