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Downloads If you've bought anything through 1nok, dejanflasher or you can access the downloads section. In the downloads you can download a demo version of Logomanager, 5000+ logos, 2000+ ringtones to personlise your phone. Unlocking software, website guides, 3210 vibration, SMS software. Please note that the majority of this software will only work under Windows 95 / 98 / ME. Most software will not work with Windows XP / NT / 2000. Please check software compatibility before purchasing cables to avoid disappointment.


If you look in the national press, you'll find ads that show how you can dial a number and receive logos direct to your phone. Basically you're paying on average £2 to get 1 logo onto your phone. Stop wasting your money! There are over 5,000 logos contained in the downloads section, all easy to upload onto your phone with the data cable. Some examples of logos:


There are a mixture of over 2,000 RTTL and Midi ringtones in the downloads section. All are easily transferable over to your Nokia phone with the software included.

Bond Theme A-Team Eminem Stan Axel F Godfather

Software for uploading ringtones & logos...

Smart SMS

Logomanager (Demo)


Smart SMS Nokring

Unlocking Software

For more information regarding unlocking, please click here. These are just some of the programs contained in the downloads section

Rolis 4.77 Nokia Tool Dejan Flasher
Rolis Nokia Tool Dejan Flasher

If you are are a past customer, please send an email to Please include your Shopper ID.

The downloads section is only available to customers.

If you experience any difficulties, please email us.

The downloads area is provided as is without support. By using any of the software downloaded from this section, you agree that we are in no way responsible for any damage caused to your phone. The Downloads section is provided as a 'free-to-use service' by our customers only. We make no guarantee that the Downloads section will be accessable all of the time. We also reserve the right to take down the Downloads section without warning. The customer understands that when they buy any tangible product from us, they are not buying any rights to any software contained in the Downloads section.