Last Update: October 21st, 2002  

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Flasher Cables
 Flasher Cables

Flasher Cables Please note the flasher cables are not manufactured or endorsed by Nokia.

Together with the right software and a PC, the flasher cables can be used to:

1. Unlock phones
2. Upgrade / downgrade / change firmware*
3. Change languages*
4. Repair badly flashed phones*

The kit comprises of:

1 x Flasher cable (This plugs into the parallel port on your PC. The extensions plug into the other end)
1 x 51**/61**/62**/71** / nk402 / nk702 extension
1 x 3210 extension
1 x 33** extension
1 x 8210 / 88** extension

The flasher cables will can only unlock certain phones. To find out if you can use the cables to unlock your phone, you will need to find out what firmware your phone runs. To find this out you need to key in the following on your handset:


This should give you a reading something similar to this:

05.28   <--------- This is the firmware version

The following phone versions have been unlocked with the flasher cables : (July 2002)

3210 5.31 5.36 6.00

3310 3.24 4.02 4.06 4.18 4.19 4.23 4.24 4.35 4.45

3330 3.05 3.10 3.12 4.12 4.16

3390 7.05 7.07

5110 5.28 5.29 5.30

5130 5.71

6150 5.22 5.23

6210 3.01 3.04 3.74 4.08 4.27 4.36 5.01 5.02 5.17 5.27 5.36 5.44
6250 4.01 4.04 4.05 5.00 5.02

7110 4.88 4.94 5.00 5.01

8210 5.08 5.11 5.16 5.20 5.21 5.25 5.26 5.27 5.28 5.29

8250 3.08 3.12 3.18 3.20 5.00

8290 5.06 5.07 5.15

8850 5.11 5.16 5.20 5.21 5.25 5.26 5.27 5.28 5.29

8890 12.07 12.15

If your phone shows an earlier or later version, you will need to use the data cable solution. If you are intending to unlock different phones, you are probably best off buying the the multi-data cable kit... If you're planning on repairing firmware or doing upgrades / downgrades, you're best off considering the flasher kit + data cable adapter.

With the newer, safer data cable unlocking solution which is now available, you might think the flasher cables are redundant. That couldn't be further from the truth The flasher cables can be used to do firmware upgrading / downgrading and repairing.

With the flasher cables, you can read / write data to the phone. When you unlock a phone via the cables you are overwriting a small piece of data that holds information on the lock status of the phone. To simplify it, the 'locked' data becomes overwritten with 'unlocked' data. Performing 'full flash' upgrades and downgrades is no different in theory, just the size of data you write to the phone is bigger.

If your phone's out of warranty and it's displaying 'CONTACT SERVICE' or if it's misbehaving by locking up or turning itself on/off, you can fix these problems yourself. You can also change the languages on the phone as well with this kit.

The downloads section contains tutorials on how to upgrade / downgrade & repair firmware, along with making your own backups.

We cannot supply full flash backups, but we point you in the direction of several sites on the net where you can download them. In all honesty, we would suggest you make your own full flash backups, some of the ones found on the internet do not work.

You will need the additional use of a data cable for doing full firmware upgrades / repairs.

Shipped within UK

Shipped within EU

Shipped Internationally

Flasher Cables

Flasher Kit

The following software can be used with the leads

Dejan Flasher
Dark Lemming Flasher
Nokia Flash Tool




Flashing software will only work under Windows 98 / ME. It will NOT work under Windows NT, 2000 or XP

F/M-Bus Serial Com Port Data Cable Adapter
(Use with Flasher Cables)

Comm Port Adapter




M-Bus Serial Com Port Data Cable Adapter
(Use with Flasher Cables)

Comm Port Adapter




The 'Serial Com Port Adapter' will let you utilise the four extensions from the flasher kit and turn them into data cables!

Flasher Cables +
F/M-Bus Com Port Adapter

Flasher Kit + Comm Port Adapter




Flasher Cables +
M-Bus Com Port Adapter

Flasher Kit + Comm Port Adapter




US / Canadian customers are advised to buy the M-Bus only version as opposed to the dual M/F-Bus. This is due to software compatibility issues with **90 phones. Please email us if you have questions.