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7650 / 7210 Unlocking
Is your 'Phone Restricted' ???
Remote Service - You don't even need to mail your phone in !!
Our DCT-4 remote service costs only £9.95 !!!
Get your code today and unlock it to any network.

Compatible with:

3510 3510i 3650 6110 6310
6310i 6510 6590 6610 7210
7650 8310 8390 8910 8910
And more!

** Price Reduced **

If you're looking to unlock your Nokia phone, there's new software out now that will let you unlock DCT-3 AND DCT-4 phones with a data cable! It's much safer and easier to use than the flashing your phone...

Another new product on the market is the idiot proof DCT-3 and DCT-4 Unlocking Clips. These clips will unlock the majority of Nokia phones without the use a computer. Simply plug the clip into your phone, press a button and your
phone's unlocked.

Check out the unlock page for more details on these products.

Alternatively, you can mail your phone in and we'll unlock it for you. Click here for details on our unlocking service. 90% of phones are mailed back the same day we receive them!

Got an old phone lying around you don't use anymore? Why not turn it into cash? We've added a brand new section to the site where you can list any Nokia phone for sale. Get the price you want... For £3.95 you can get a 60 day listing on the site for a used phone. If you trade in mobile phones you can sell any brand new Nokia phone through the 30 day listing. We're averaging around 1000 visitors a day!

Got a problem with your Nokia? Have you flashed it incorrectly? Whether you need it unlocking, the screen repairing or even the security code resetting, drop us an email and let us know what problem you're having. We'll advise you on the best course of action.

Refer to the repairs page for a list of different services we offer.

Shop Online:

Buy now! fascias, lcd screens, chargers, aerials, batteries... Browse through our online store for great offers on genuine Nokia merchandise. Nokia fascias from only £4.95. Unlock Nokia phones with data cables for only £9.95. 3210 internal antenna: £6.95! - Why pay more???

Price Match Promise:

Even though we aim to keep prices as realistic as possible, it's inevitable you might find a better price elsewhere. Before you buy, contact us and we'll do our best to beat it. Remember, the majority of our orders are dispatched within 48hrs and customer service comes second to none!

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