Last Update: October 21st, 2002  

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Repairs / Servicing We offer several different services for Nokia phones. These services are available to people who live in Europe. Please do not hesitate to enquire about any of the services. If you require multiple services discounts are available.

Prices do not include return carriage. We charge an extra £1.50 for Recorded Delivery / £4 for Special Delivery / Recorded International Delivery.

As always we do offer trade discounts for volume phones. It many cases, if you are situated in the UK, we can travel to you for bulk quantities.

Service Price Description

Unlocking: £10 Please refer to our page on the Unlocking Service

Security Code: £10 If you've lost or forgotten your security code, we will reset it to whatever you want it to be.

Firmware*: £15 We do offer firmware upgrading and repairing for all DCT-3 mobile phones. If your phone is giving you problems, turning on / off, or if it displays 'CONTACT SERVICE' it may need the firmware reinstalling. We do firmware upgrades and repairs for all of the phones listed below.

Language Changing*: £15 If you are going abroad or if you are selling a phone abroad you may want to alter the languages you have setup in your phone. We do provide a language changing service for all DCT-3 phones. The phones are listed below.

LCD Screen Repairs: £8 Cracked screen? We repair LCDs on all DCT-3 phones.

Housing Replacements: £10 Some phones like the 7110 and 6210 for example aren't as straight forward when it comes to changing housings.

3210 Vibra Motors: £10 Please refer to

* If you require a Firmware upgrade / repair the language change is free of charge and vice versa.

>> Please email us if you require any information over any of these services <<

Please DO NOT email us with questions regarding serial number (IMEI) modifications.

Coming soon - LED Colour Changing!